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Lt. Cross 101st Airborne

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Hi, here is my WW2 paratrooper. Hot toys H/S and body with DID Ross uniform, which I weathered.

I made the base. I hope you like him!

Thanks for looking.

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cool bash, very nice weathering, I like it :)
That James Dean HS looks pretty cool. Great looking paratrooper, the DiD kit and your base are very nice too.
Excellent weathering! And you did a bang-up job on that base, too!
Thanks for the kind words, guys!
I luvv the headsculpt work, the base dio, the w:eekrks! Excellent :thumb :thumb
Super duper !!! Right out of "Call of Duty" and "Band of Brothers" :D
Great looking paratrooper. Boy does he have big hair :eek
Excellent bash and dio!!!
Very nice! THe base looks awesome!
MK-23 said:
Very nice! THe base looks awesome!
Thanks! Just 2 different backsplashes from the Home Depot, which were on sale for about $4.00 each. They look exactly like 1/6 bricks and cobblestones. I just painted them and 'glued' them with all purpose filler and voila'. The base is heavy, though.

Thanks for all the positive comments, folks.
He looks really good!!

- Ian
Outstanding! I like the stand too!
Very cool! Luv the base and the weathering. Nice Job.
Great figure and Very nice job on his sculpt!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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