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looking for diorama/base ideas

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Hi all, i found a whole load of empty picture frames in the loft the other day and i've been looking for ideas for bases to display figures on but i can't think of any apart from pretty basic rubble or grass ones.
Also, i have one which tilts upward and could be used for a diorama on a slope

basically i'm just probing for some ideas, preferably ww2 related
drop any ideas in here

thanks a lot,
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desert sand. just a big rock to sit on. bamboo growth in pacific. ANzio beachead, with the black volcanic rock around. Iwo Jima beachead, with black sand. camp stool and campfire. Snow. Twisted metal wreckage. gas can seating. rubber tire seating/standing/repairing. Wrestling with that Tiger road wheel from Dragon. Couple empty ammo crates. Gathering firewood. Picket fence. Farm fence/split rail fence. Fieldstone wall. Milking stool/barn. hardwood floor. Pilot ready room bench.
Here's a couple I premiered at the Triad show last summer. Sorry the pics are so bad. I was still using a cheapo camera back then but you get the idea.


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I fashioned 4 of the mini dios just for the show and each was a designed as a corner-piece. The other 2 were background with a chainlink fence and a corrogated metal building. The picture frame idea should work out well for these type of displays.

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