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Looking for Android Hunter clothing/accessories

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Hello all.

I'm including a few pics of a Blade Runner commission I did about 2 years ago (unfortunately, my computer had problems and the only remaining photos are pretty bad- no front closeups, head, etc.). I used a custom painted Jim Maddox head sculpt and then proceeded to distress the heck out of everything else (soaking/dyeing, sandpaper, etc.). The only thing I didn't get to change was the hands.

I'm itching to do another one, but finding the figure or just the clothes/accessories alone is becoming more difficult. Any suggestions?

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My friend Murray was actually the guy who commisioned and distributed this figure. (You did a bang up job weathering him out and making him much more realistic, by the way!)

While his company went under many years ago, he still had a bit of Andriod Hunter figures in stock that he was selling over the years. As of now, though, they're all gone. So no more are being released into the market.

The only place I can think of (outside of some way too expensive pop culture stores in LA) that you can still get them is good ol' E-BAY.

I saw a few up there a day or so ago. One was still pretty low while the other was up at 150 bucks.

That's your best (and probably only) bet.
yah Murray with the long hair- don't see him since there isn't any JDS shows now
If anyone has Roy Batty the android 001 for sale, please send me a PM
Paypal will follow ;-)

Thank you
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