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I know of a few

The 1879 from TS and ACE
The 1635 from ACE
the 1195 sets from ACE
The 6094 from HT and ACE
And the modular 1195 style vests from HT and TS.

Anything else I may have missed?

Anything really,pouches,holsters pack?

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0297C eod thigh pouch - Soldier Story EOD
0261A M60 feed tray pouch - with 7.62mm machine guns by Barrack Sgt
2571A M4 buttstock mag pouch - Toy Soldier woodland PJ set - the medical pack is a LBT item too I think?
1547 75th Ranger pack - BBi carded set
0280B british style twin mag pouches - BBi Marcinko combat swimmer
0254A medical pouch - Toy Soldier D-boy breacher Somalia lists the following LBT items as well:

LBT-0290A chestrig - ACE
LBT-1961A chestrig - Hot Toys (1st PMC)
LBT-0246C radio pouch - Toy Soldier
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