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Locked, loaded, primed and ready to fire!

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I took my Union artillerymen outside and took some quick shots, enjoy.


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Sweet dio!! I finally get to see that officer in action.
Wow! I'm not into Civil War figures, But, I still love to see dio like this. This is great!
Lol cool.
Wow! Fantastic CW dio!! Its great to see some CW figs and love seeing the cannon and crew, especially that shot looking down range, very cool!! :thumb
Looks awsome Mac! Been waiting to see them for a while now, but it was certainly worth the wait!
Thank you for your kind comments. I'm waiting on harness and horses to take some pics of my gun limber, all hooked up. Larry Taylor of Circle Home Studio is doing the harness and it should be done soon, dioman is painting the horses for the team and I got the limber from MKBoyd a while back. I hope to put together a very large dio with my whole collection. Stay tuned.
Heh, nice dio and arty team you have there Mac. I like their uniforms, particularly the vibrant piping. Cool plot of land you have there too, looks big enough to stage a nice large ACW battlefield or other dioramas.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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