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Normally I don't get involved with things like this but I belong to an English Pointer group on Facebook and I saw this fundraiser there to help a dog get from Cyprus to the UK where a family is waiting to adopt him. I have a beautiful English Pointer of my own and I've found myself completely in love with this breed of dog so I decided to help in any way that I could think of.

There are a fair number of English pointers in Cyprus that need rescuing. Pointers are popular hunting dogs in Cyprus but for some reason they are rarely kept as pets there. Dogs that are failed hunting dogs usually wind up abandoned or in shelters. Fortunately there are lots of pointer lovers in the UK willing to adopt them and give them loving homes. It's expensive though because they have to be flown from Cyprus to the UK. I know that it's impossible to help every dog that needs help but it is possible to help this one guy for as little as £1 ($1.58) through PayPal.

The dog in questioned is a young English Pointer named Zeus. He was found abandoned and wandering the streets in Cyprus. The fundraiser is at £317 now and he only needs £83 more to change his life forever. I've given what I could afford so to help further I've decided to spread the word where I can. Every little bit helps. If Zeus doesn't meet his fundraising goal of £400 ($632) he won't be able to be adopted. This handsome boy only has one day left on his fundraiser and it would be awesome to see him go to his new home. You can donate as little as £1 by PayPal. The exchange rate at the moment is $1.58 to £1 so it doesn't cost much to help. PayPal will handle the currency conversion so that's not a problem. Even if you can't donate please consider sharing this with others that might be able to. I've never posted anything like this before but I've been a member here for over 9 years and I assure everyone that it's legit. I just want to see this dog get rescued.

Help Zeus fly home | Adoption - YouCaring
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