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I finally got a brand new space for all my boys! I have at least 20 of them -- no real theme -- I have GI Joes, Dragon guys, 3R, Enterbay, Legend -- everyone from Tony Montana to Steve Jobs to Brad Pitt on a bike. They all get along just fine.

I put them on these generic wire stands -- I don't know where my wife gets them -- and until now they were all crowded onto one wide shelf on an Ikea bookcase.

But now I have my dream space -- two large bookcase shelves (one as in the picture) which are somewhat bizarrely backlighted by incandescent tubes hidden behind a black wooden partition, so there's a dim somewhat orange glow right in the back.

That of course won't do at all, but what kind of light would I be able to use to illuminate all the guys? It can't be hot, as the unit has glass doors that would probably be closed even when the lights are on, so I was thinking LED.

But I can't have wires running all over the place either -- ideally, I'd have a row of miniature LED spotlights right at the front of the shelf above the boys, shining directly at them!

Does anyone have any recommendations, maybe even models and brand names of lighting I could use? Perhaps there is standard lighting for 1/6 figures I could get?

Any help would be much appreciated! I hope the picture shows up okay -- I wasn't quite sure how to insert it. And I hope this is the appropriate pace for this post. Thanks in advance!


PS all the figures in the box in the bottom photo are the ones who have yet to be shined up and mounted. The one who is there now is Toshiro Mifune as Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.
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