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Leroy Thompson's Top 10 Counterterrorist Units: Kitbash No. 7 - Australian TAG

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The Tactical Assault Groups are the premier counter-terrorism units of Australia. The two TAGs, East and West, are structured to conduct offensive domestic counter-terrorist (CT) operations focusing on incident resolution and the recovery of hostages. They maintain a short notice capability to conduct military operations beyond the scope of State and Federal Police tactical teams. These aims are achieved through various highly specialised skill sets, niche capabilities and supporting Australian Defence Force (ADF) units.

The two units: TAG West, and the other TAG East; each protect a different domestic geographical area, with TAG (West) having the primary task of Overseas Recovery/Counter-Terrorism . The units draw their members from other elite units within the Australian Defence Force, with each TAG unit drawing from different parent units.

TAG West is responsible for the areas of Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory,outlying Australian island territories and Overseas area of interests. TAG West draws its members from the Special Air Service Regiment. Due to the SASR's position as the most elite unit in the Australian military, TAG West has the reputation of being the senior of the two TAG units.

TAG East is responsible for the areas of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Jervis Bay Territory, Australian Capital Territory and other outlying Australian island territories. TAG East draws its members from the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (Commando), supplemented by a small number of subject-matter expert SASR personnel and the Royal Australian Navy's Clearance Diving Teams. The Royal Australian Navy component consists of an Operations Officer, a Clearance Diver (CD) assault platoon, one team of CD maritime snipers, and an Underwater Medic.

Both TAG's have their own world class training facilities including advanced outdoor close quarters battle ranges, MOUT villages, urban CT complexs, full size aircraft mock-ups, and sniper ranges. (Taken from Wikipedia)

In his book, Leroy Thompson refered to the Australian SASR, but I think the counterterrorist element is the TAG... Again parts used are not absolutely accurate... But hope u guys like it still... especially the guys from Down Under... :jump4joy
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This must be my favourite.

Question: What helmet is that and how do you work those straps for the helmet under the gas mask?
Man, another kick butt bash. Just love it.
One of my fav's as well, great figure Cpl Ho! Love this series :thumb
Good one and the helmet appears to be dead on.
Cool--this has been a very interesting series. Has it been archived?
IMO the best one of the group so far! Nicely done Cpl!
Always a pleasure to view your kitbashes
Very nice!
I've even tried that one myself.
Keeping them coming.

Thanx everyone... The helmet is a Tank CVC helmet and it is strapless... :erm
They seem SAS. A work I magnify and very original. I like everything, but what I like more it is the helmet: perfect. The detail of the flag in the uniform, very good :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper
Wow,7th great bash!!!!!!i love it,especially the helmet & mask,keep goin.
Thanx everyone... ur comments are most encouraging... Well... I'm down to the top 3... They are 'simple' bashes cos parts are readily available, but 'simple' bashes r always the hardest to get right! :green
Another beauty! Excellent work, as always, Cpl!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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