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Last bash for 2007. PMC4 Support Operator

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My side of the world: 1900hrs.

This done for Singapore Group Bash.

This done to add another operator to the duo.

And this.....My last bash for 2007. -Stache, Tattoo and weapon mod- PMC4

Weapon Mod

Thanks everyone for taking time with my post, Comments and critics most welcomed.

Group shots of all 4 of them will be in 2008. See you guys next year!

Here's wishing all

A Happy 1/6 New Year in 2008!
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Sweet figure, really like all the custom touches!!!

And a happy new year to you!!

Very nice KMok, I love the mods.
Hey, you have another 2.5 hrs to make a last ditch bash! Hurry Hurry Hurry!! :lol
Tattoo behind the ear is a nice touch. How many more PMC to go?

Happy New Year buddy :)
Yo bro! Nice PMC4 :thumb , -somehow you reminds me of Botak Jone! :nanana
The latest guy reminds me of the Parco PI guy on Foxcrime :lol

That's great add to the team! I like the tattoo and weapon mod! Happy New Year buddy! Can't wait to see the group bash from you guys. Hey, Yujin is in Tokyo. I'm gonna meet up with him tomorrow.

Very fine this fourth pmc figure...i like so much the moustache type.....congratulation....!!Its fine the fabric of the shirt too!!!!Do you ll show as in the future an aa pmc figure????In which way you realized a so good moustache???Bye at all and happy new year.Mario.
Thank You all.
Love the last one. Great mod on the weapon. The M4 stock looks cool as heck.
Sick bash and sweet mod!!!!!
Thank you for all your comments:)
Love the weapon mod dude! cant wait to see it for real in PP when i return to Sg!
cannednerves said:
Love the weapon mod dude! cant wait to see it for real in PP when i return to Sg!
Sorry to disappoint you dude. The last two won't be heading for PP. Only the first 2.:)

Well, we can always meet up and you could get hands on on the figures:p
Very nice indeed!

I like the second guy in the first pic best, is that Bryan Gilkinson!? Nice use of the Wasabi Hubert jacket there, I spotted it straight away from the cut and the mark where you took that little red badge off the lapel.

Great work

Wow, roger you have sharp eyes to notice all the details. Thanks
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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