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KYStudio Gemini Elf Female Warrior KY002-B Riya Review

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This is another one of those unexpected buys for me! I wasn't too happy with the head sculpt shown in the PO promo pics. But after seeing the production pictures at BBICN forum, I was fully sold to adding this one to my elf collection. Not that I have any more room for it!!!

This is a new brand. The brand shown at BBICN forum and Taobao reads as KYStudio, but at BBTS, it's named KT Workshop Toys. I've never heard of them before. There is a black armour version, KY001, and this silver armour version, KY002. Each version has an A option which includes a panther, while the B option is without.
I have no idea if this character is from any existing story/game franchise. Does anyone know???

Here's the packaging. The box cover is a magnetic.

The items are packed in 3 tiers inside.
The cloak was packed in a separate sponge backed tier of it's own.

This is to be attached to the shoulder armour by a standard metal snap-on buttons.
Strangely, and what I didn't like, is that the shoulder armour is secured round the armpits by a transparent rubber band (or is it silicon???). The plastic armour snaps in-place to the similar snap-on button. I'm concern around the deterioration of this rubber (if it isn't silicon), and may probably have to replace the strap at some point with ribbons.

And here is the elf!

The figure comes fully suited up. I really like the detailing. Although, I find it a little strange that there isn't that drape of cloth at the back for her butt, as there is for the front! According to the product promo specifications from BBICN forum, the body provided is a TBL S10D pale. The head sculpt matches this tone perfectly. (Comparatively, this was not so for the Lucifer 1/6 Fairy Queen which had a suntan head with TBL pale body.)

The 'pants' are plastic and tied together on both sides with strings. And the hip armour clips over that with what looks like white pleather straps that are glued to the hip armour. They are not removable, unless the binding strings are untied.

The ankle joint isn't as tight as I would like it to be. So care has to be taken in posing and balancing the figure. Yes, she fell a couple of times in my attempts. Thank God, the double blade configuration I had setup at the time did not break in two on the floor!!! (See double blade pics below.)

The best features of this set was a slight disappointment. Both swords are suppose to light up. But I discovered that one of them had a faulty circuit. I had immediately taken photos and forwarded it to the taobao seller this evening. His answer was prompt, and informed me that he will check with the factory for a 1 to 1 replacement of the sword, hopefully, to save me shipping cost.

The swords each use a fish bait light battery that is inserted into the handle/hilt by removing the tiny end cap. 2 batteries are provided in the package. A one sheet instructions in English is included showing how the batteries are to be installed.

Here's the lighted shot.

The base also lights up in a very amazing sequence.

The base uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). Here's the underside of the base.

The sword can be joined together with a provided connector, making it look like Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber concept. I hope the faulty blade can be replaced!!!

The Darth Maul pose?

There is a stand that attaches to the base. But I did not use it.
There is also another set of armour gloved hands in a more relaxed pose.

The plastic head dress fits lightly on her head, and can fall off easily. It tends to spring up a little if forced down on to the head, as the plastic half ring wrapping around the head is designed to a certain width. I suppose it sits all right, but I wished it were tighter!

Overall it's a well designed figure set. The lighted elements are a plus point for me.

Thanks for looking!
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The seller replied today that the factory could repair the faulty sword, but I would have to pay for shipping to and from China . So he advised me to try to fix the problem myself. In desperation, I tried carefully to rotate the hilt at a groove line where the blade joint was, and it moved. So, managed to remove the hilt and dismantle the LED light fitting.

It took a couple of hours with try and error to position the connectors in such a position that would close the circuit with the battery inserted. It looked like a simple operation, but connection was really finnicky.

Finally succeeded, and WALLAH!

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Great review! Can't wait to receive mine.
Which version did you get, Glarcxensea?
Thanks for this "illuminating" review!

I preordered the one with the black armour and also can't wait to get her!
Thanks for this "illuminating" review!

I preordered the one with the black armour and also can't wait to get her!
There is a review of the black armour version at OSF with pics. The guy had some adverse comments for it in his dissatisfaction of the company's lack of QC and others.

I am rather happy with the silver armoured version. I think it works very well with this figure, in spite of the QC issue with the sword light.

Hope your figure turns out better!!! And please post pics! Thanks in advance!
Which version did you get, Glarcxensea?
I ordered the same as yours plus her panther mount/companion.
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