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I got my Kumik body yesterday, I put the "Michelle" head which was repainted by me on it. I really like this body, the materials are a nice quality but I did have to do some work on it, I bought her as a DIY project so it didn't bother me, there was a lot of plastic flashing that I had to cut off. I blushed the body with an airbrush and acrylics, I never painted squishy vinyl before so I'm not sure how well the paint will hold up on the squishy vinyl...we shall see. I wish the elbows had double joints but I like the body so I'm willing to forgive. The gloved hands that came with it were tacky like the paint didn't fully cure before it was packed, I'm letting it air out to see if it will dry more. otherwise I'll just repaint it.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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