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Well, I took a trip down to Edmonton this past weekend and found this jem at a hobby store I frequent when down there. When I saw this bad boy, I just had to have it. It may be just a statue but it sure is the best one I have seen. And although the packaging does say a non scale statue, it does look close to 1/6th.

This review is rated with a 5 star scale.

So I will start with packaging - ****
I give the packaging 4 stars. It has killer graphics on the exterior AND the interior. Lot's of windows to see the internal product and accessories. But it loses on the fact that the bubble shield is right at the edge of the plastice tray. One solid hit and you can have some damage. Everything is wrapped in a protective plastic as to not damage the paint. There was no damage on mine. Wire ties hold the accessories in place.

Internal packaging:

Accessories - ****
4 Stars. You get the standard battle rifle, you get 2 of the smg's with this figure (possibly other weapons as the box states that other weapons are available on other figures), a second set of arms to hold the smg's and 2 small pieces to hold the battle rifle on the back of the Master Chief.

Here is how he comes apart to change out his weapons.

Loses a star for a lack of grenades. The staple of the Halo players arsenal.

Sculpt - **** 1/2
Four and a half stars.
This sculpt is really something else. Fantastic details, crisp clean lines and appears very accurate. Loses a half star for visible seams on the weapons and if you look closely enough, on the Master Chief as well. The display on the battle rifle is there but lacks any real detail or attempt to make it look good. It is just a number stuck there. Here are pics of the sculpt.

Here he is with the pistol arms in place. The thumbs pop off for placing the weapons in the hands.

Here he is with the pistol in the right hand of the battle rifle arm. The pistol can be placed in that hand as well.

And here he is guarding my entertainment centre (Which is now all HDMI connected). Please note the Halo 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 he now protects. :b

Overall I give this statue a 4.5 star rating. Worth the 100 plus bones I paid for it!
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