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Kit Bashed Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Mokoto Kusanagi

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Hello all,

Got into 1/6 collecting only on mid December 2007. I display my figures in cupboard cubicles, and so decided to have a cubicle with a Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone complex - Major Mokoto Kusanagi theme. Basically to accompany the Takara CG Mokoto Kusanagi Ninja Suit version. (Can't seem to start a new post in the Fem-figs section so I guess I will post it here).

Mokoto Kusanagi S.A.C. In addition to her cyber ninja suit version, she uses the outfit that I bashed throughout the show.

Head Sculpt:
Triad Toys. (The long hair was cut short and I use Gatsby hair gel to get the right style. LoL

1. Jacket, Silver Bustier, Silver shin guards - Triad Toys Major K outfit set,
2. Black leggings - Triad Toys Female Wetsuit B (Had to hide the ugly joints between the thigh and hips. In the series,that area is exposed.
3. Boots - Takara CG Midori Washio (Got an extra pair from ebay). I decided not to use the boots that came with Triad Toys Major K set.
4. Gun - From Takara CG Mokoto Kusanagi
5. Nude - Got fromebay, I believe its similar to the S1 nude sold by Triad
6. Hands - Triad Toys hand set

Takara CG Mokoto Kusanagi & Kit Bashed Mokoto Kusanagi. In this photo is the pair of boots that came with Triad Toys Major K set.

Takara CG Mokoto Kusanagi. I used Gatsby Hairgel, tweezer, cue-tips to style the hair fringe and to bring down the overly 'fluffy' hair that came with the Takara CG head sculpt.

Here's another shot.

No red eyes on my bash, but I think I prefer the head sculpt from Triad toys, (Sharper and longer features) to the orginal head sculpt that came with the Takara CG (A bit more rounded facial structure). I also think bright purple hair looks too gaudy. It took a while to get this bash out. Triad toys sort of left out the Major K costume (essential component) in my first parcel and just posted me the wet suit. So I had to wait since it takes a while for the 2nd parcel to arrive from US to Australia. (Triad Toys did get back to me in about an hour, after I posted my email, and sent out the item they left out on the same day. They are also posting me a set of boots as an apology :), they seem to be nice folks). I also had to get a new nude because the female nude I had (her butt label says Armoury) don't have that ball and socket joint for the feet. It was a whole feet, so it could not fit Takara CG, Midori Washio boots (Its a built in ball and socket joint and you can't stuff a feet inside) So it was a double ugh. Anyway, 26 Jan 2008 and she's finally done. :)

Hope ya all enjoy the pics.
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Like it!

I know which Motoko I'd rather have, and it doesn't have red eyes!

Awesome job on these 2 figures. Great choice on the HS :thumb
I'm a big fan of Ghost in the Shell, your figs look nice man.
Great Major Ks, your custom one looks like she'd make a great live action version of Motoko. Way cool.
Motoko is also an icon. The black eye version reminds me the GITS movie one. I agree the rooted hair needs some conditioning work. When I did mine I also used quite a bit of hair gel. Great bashes you have!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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