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This is a project that actually comes from my 2 year olds growing fascination with Batman and Superman. For years suppressed by marriage, a mortgage, and "ADULT LIFE". This bash brought me in touch with the kid inside. I decided to go with the Alex Ross version of Superman from the graphic novel "Kingdom Come"- Ive always found his art and renditions incredible and the older jaded Superman of the future is a vast contrast to the 'Superboy' I grew up with in comics, movies, and cartoons.

Hope you enjoy:


- The sculpt is from Frontline. (An amazing rendition by Lonnie- congrats)
- The Body is a an old SOTW (I knew these would come in handy)
- The boots are dragon- 'slightly' modified
- The suit and cape are all custom made by hand with the wife's input and help. It took a while to get the "tight fit look."
- I printed the superman logo.


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Cool figure. i'd have used a bbi 3.5 modded . because Supes is still rather thick/buff fora guy in his mid to late 50's
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