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Well here we have Kelly-Ruby Gattasitto, an New York ESU - Police Officer. I made her a couple years ago now and I think that what I have done with her is very good. As with ALL of My bashes I have bios and stuff for them. For a bit I thought that she wasn't that good looking but recently she has grown as a really good lookin' babe. There's lots of pics of her, I hope you like her, enjoy!

Kelly-Ruby Gattasitto

Born as: Kelly-Ruby Gattasitto.

Current Name: Kelly-Ruby Gattasitto.

Sex: Female

From: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Currently Resides: Bronx, New York, U.S.A.

Occupation: New York Police Officer/ESU member.

Notable Feats: Has successfully went undercover many times as a street hooker named "Sweet J". Is a gymnasium and soft ball champion. Speaks several languages and is a local NY musician writing her own songs.

Status: Still is an active Street Cop.

Group: Is best friend with detectives
Det. Norman Reon and
Det. Wendell Thorne.

That's all of Kelly-Ruby for now, you'll see her soon as Sweet J as her undercover street hooking gig!

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