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Re: Kaustic Plastik - Museum Display by Luca "Vettius" - Tiberius the Legionary

1) How did you suspend the scutum (shield) from the back of the legionary-- unseen straps? or unseen belt?, or other method as I can't see any attachment to the pole.

The shield is held up by a leather shoulder strap. This is hooked at the two eyelets in the inner part of the shield.

2) What did you use for the "fishnet bag" holding pots and sundry items?

To make the fishnet bag, I used a square wooden frame, on which I stretched a series of thin cords (vertically and horizontally, by fixing the ends with scotch tape). So I applied a drop of super glue on the intersection points. At the end, I painted all with acrylic color "Natural canvas"

3) What did you use for the lower leg wraps? I know the Romans considered trousers as an item of barbarian clothing and used leg wraps in cold/inclemnent weather in their place.

The lower leg wraps... huuuummm... this would be a hush-hush secret. But what the hell! I'll reveal it: by cutting strips from my old sock :D
Thank you Fabio and thanks to all!!! :roof
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