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Re: Kaustic Plastik - Museum Display by Luca "Vettius" - Tiberius the Legionary

Beautiful job as always Luca (aka Vettius). You're work is always an inspiration. I have 3 questions I would like to ask and would be grateful for an answer:

1) How did you suspend the scutum (shield) from the back of the legionary-- unseen straps? or unseen belt?, or other method as I can't see any attachment to the pole.

2) What did you use for the "fishnet bag" holding pots and sundry items?

3) What did you use for the lower leg wraps? I know the Romans considered trousers as an item of barbarian clothing and used leg wraps in cold/inclemnent weather in their place.

I appreciate any input you may provide. Once again great work. With all the new Roman figures (and hopefully other ancients too) previewed and soon to be announced I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with. Thanks so much.
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