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Just Got Lucky On Ebay Found M32 Grenade Launcher

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Well as I posted before, I got screwed by HobbyLink Japan when I ordered the WWC Grenade Launcher Set.

Today must have made up for it because I just found the M32 On ebay.
Kind of pricey but they are rare so I bought 2.

If price isn't an issue I think they have a couple left.


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I've never even seen one of those in 1:6 scale.

Very nice!
And I got the last one!
Somebody tell us the seller's ID!!!
Aaron just bought the last one. But if you want to try it's 7Toys7 on ebay. You can find the link here where the ebay dealer links are on the left hand side.
Those are just too cool.

Just went for a look, and yup, they're all gone. Always too slow. OK, how much?, I gotta know.
Those are just too cool.

Just went for a look, and yup, they're all gone. Always too slow. OK, how much?, I gotta know.
$17.99 a piece
Lucked out and got one right after Cree82 posted the link. Thanks for the heads up brother..
Damn it!

Glad for you-- but pissed for me! I've been looking for one of those since they came out!!

I guess the search continues....
$17 is not that bad at all for any of the "secret" weapons that you have to pray to god to get. If therse one thing that needs to be bootlegged its that sucker!
I too saw those on the sellers listing but declined to buy cause I believe those to be recasts. If you look at the descriptions for other loose items he sells, that is listed as ARMY brand same as the m14 ebr, while the zacca stuff with boxes is listed as ZACCA. But still a good deal though.
That is a great buy...
Geezz !!!
1st the lav now this !!!!!

I gotta get a job that keeps me home more.... oh well.
I'll save the pic and see if I can't make one... IF I ever get the time off.......
Lol, that same guy is selling like dozens of them today.

He just keeps relisting 3 at a time, that old devious OMG LAST ONE EVER ploy.
Probably has a box of them. Go Go Go!
Yeah.... Unfortunately Not Zacca version.... It's chinese bootleg version. but Better than nothing :)
Ahhh.. I bought one not knowing it was a re-cast, but I don't care. It'll be a workable piece at the very least.
Dang it, my bad GrenadierStinny.

Maybe we'll luck out and they'll be good for a change.

From the picture--when I also thought it was Zacca--I knew I'd have to reinforce the structure at every juncture because the weapon looks so flimsy anyway, and the chambers actually not in the right place in that pic up above.

Anyone know of the quality/feel of the Zacca original?

And now my unscupulous side wants for the Javelin to be next -___-
The Zacca's grenade launcher set is actually pretty good in terms of quality. Not as detailed as the Hot Toys and other manufacturer's stuff but way better than their last sets...

Heh, glad someone had decided to recast this piece. I had a feeling it was bootleg because these were pretty much impossible to find and a seller having numerous amounts of them didn't seem right, especially at 17 bucks apiece...

Judging from the pic above, it should be a decent looking piece...I bought one too and am crossing my fingers for them to come out as great as the original....if not, a little work should do the trick....
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