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Hi OSWs, just thought to introduce myself.

I'm from the Netherlands, and just getting started in the 1:6 collecting world. I mostly collect masterpiece style Transformers, and I have a nice collection of 6" Star Wars Black Series figures. Besides that I collect some odd bits in smaller lines like the 6" SH Figuarts Street Fighter, some Batman stuff, etc.

I read graphic novels and the odd comic compendium, but not really actively. On the small screen I like to watch scifi mostly.

In the past I did scale modeling (again, mostly scifi and customized stuff) but not counting a couple of Bandai Star Wars kits I haven't built a real model in ages.

Also, in he past I was an avid wargamer. I played and owned a lot of Warhammer and Warmachine stuff. Sold most of it though and haven't played in ages. Instead I now enjoy playing boardgames and PS4 titles.

Now I think I'll take a further look at the forums. And I have question about what will be my first real custom in 1:6 scale. But I will find the appropriate forum for that...
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