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Junior takes a helo ride

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I went on a figure-chopping binge and wound up with a few that are 10" tall. the grunt in front and the midget in back are only about 18 inches apart, and he fits easily into the cockpit. I'll go outside for more pics when I get my hands on a better lens.

thanks for looking!
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I know what you mean.

It's a tight fit/squeeze in the cockpit on the 21STCT "Little Bird" and Vietnam "Loach" helicopters.

I have the Vietnam "Loach". I have two Air Cav pilot figures in the cockpit. They're the 21STCT Super Soldier bodies. It took some futzing around, but I was able to get him properly.

For the 21STCT Little Bird, I used the BBI G1/G1.5 bodies that is a bit thinner and slightly shorter. They fit in the cockpit fine.
Great little scene and forced perspective.
Not all of us are 6' something, there has to be a few smaller grunts too.
Great work
Super Articulated GI Joes fit in these helos pretty easily as well, as does my GI Jane helo pilot. I also have an AH6 with a 21st Century Super Soldier pilot, and as Chung said, it's a tight squeeze for him.

You've got a very nice set-up with your Vietnam scene, and I hope you do take more photos of it.
Oh nice!
Love the sculpt on the grunt closest to us, suitably young looking!
Great looking 'Nam scene, I've been re-vamping a lot of my grunts in prep for some more summer shoots outside.
Outstanding!!! Weathering is great too!
Is that the old Hasbro "G.I. Jane" helo pilot helmet?
good eye! yes, it is. that and a very tight-fitting 21C 'nam uni along with an incredibly tiny DML head makes him almost passable....
yeah, I didn't include an in-focus pic because he actually looks a little funky~

Outstanding!!! Weathering is great too!
thank you, Val! your OH-6 upgrade is one of my favorite posts on this board--
Excellent pics, Greg! Nice work on bashing the bodies into latter day cavalrymen. Outstanding!
Awesome looking set up there. Nice use of that DiD head for the young grunt. :thumb

I would love to eventually snag one of those Nam OH-6's, all done up in Hugh Mills' machine livery. It's an awesome piece.

I found using a medicom body worked quite well for the Little Birds that I have. But uniforms will need quite a bit of tailoring to fit better. The Toy Soldier Nam figure (based on an actual person that I can't remember the name of at the moment. Maybe Kenn Miller?) works quite well too. It was nice and short, but still had good proportions.
look like good enough photos to me , hope you don`t leave us waiting to long for more . Would be interesting to see how you modified the figures height , and as mentioned great choice of sculpt for a Grunt .
Would be interesting to see how you modified the figures height....
Tony Barton has a compelling little essay on body mods here--

In retrospect, trying to get a 1/6 figure down to 10" is not plausible; feet and hands still too big, chest still too wide. the one in between is better: 1/4" taken from calves, thighs, abdomen, and biceps. he might eventually be useful for something

so many vehicles that need slightly smaller figures-- the OH-6, M2 Bradley, White Scout Car, Hasbro 40mm AA gun, etc.

thanks for the comments, everybody!
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Re: Junior takes a helo ride (M2 Bradley pics added)

Great job! You could also look out for the H.M. Armed Forces figures, which may be an easy platform to start from as they are 10 inches tall.
Re: Junior takes a helo ride (M2 Bradley pics added)

Fantastic nam figures !!
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