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Judge Hershey
A fictional character in the Judge Dredd series that appears in British comic 2000 AD. A different version of Judge Hershey appeared in the Judge Dredd film played by Diane Lane. In this rendition, the outfit and accessories are based on the movie version while the headsculpt is based on the comic.
More background about Judge Hershey:

This is the comic, movie clips and movie props I based on.

CG Section:

The Figure:
The original idea of this bash was coming from a Japanese figure customizer, Fukuinu-san. I happened to get a set of Medicom Judge Dredd gear loose parts back in 2006. However, I did not complete the figure until recently.
Headsculpt: OJI (painted, see below)
Body: Coolgirl 2.0
Outfit: Coolgirl Destiny
Helmet, Shoulder Armor: Medicom Judge Dredd (enhanced, see below)
Harness, Holster: Medicom Judge Dredd (enhanced, see below)
Hands: Coolgirl Destiny
Boots: Coolgirl Catwoman (enhanced, see below)
Lawgiver Handgun: customized (see below)

Bought this great OJI unpainted head as loose part. I think this HS matches quite well with the comic version of Hershey especially the hair style.

Helmet Enhancement
The original helmet fits quite well with a female headsculpt. There is not much enhancement needed. I applied a coat of gloss clear to match the texture better with the one seen in the movie.

Armor Enhancement
The badge was re-sculpted from wording "Dredd" to "Hershey" using epoxy putty. Then repainted golden part with metallic paint. A pair of buttons were added to the collar.

Harness Enhancement
The original harness belt, holster and other accessories were combined into one piece of plastic. The problem was that it did not fit quite well to the waist curve. I tailor made a harness belt with leather material. Then I cut the parts from the original harness belt and sticked on to this new belt. The curvature of the armor part was adjusted to fit better to the body.

Boots Enhancement
The problem with the original boots was that the ankle parts were not movable. First, I selected a pair of boots from Takara Catwoman. All the details were stripped off. Details were cut from the original boots and transplanted to the Catwoman's boots. The enhanced pair of boots offered better pose-ability and outlook wise matched better with the movie props.

Lawgiver Handgun Customization
The original Lawgiver came with the Judge Dredd figure was poorly produced. I decided to make one from scratch. The parts I selected was from Kotobukiya Gundam weapon kit. The grip was from a modern handgun. Diagonal linings were engraved. LED and other details were added. Although it is not an exact match with the movie version, I am happy with the outcome.

Raw Photos:

Thank you for watching! Please leave a message if you support my work.

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Incredible work!! You really put some heart and soul into this figure. Outstanding...

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Fantastic work. Like all of your bashes that I have seen, really. This one I especially like though, as I've enjoyed Dredd comics since I was a kid, and I always liked Hershey in particular, (morseo than Anderson) even though she was just kind of a background character.

Great work on the headsculpt, much more definitive work than basing it on the film actress. Also a very nice job on recreating the movie costume. I'd love to see you tackle the comic-style outfit.

excellent job! :clap

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Another great figure, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy reading your "making of" segments. They are very helpful!

My friends call me Ray
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Tiger USMC, dic07046139, thank you very much!

azazel, to be honest, I've never seen the comic. I only research all images on internet. Actually I was thinking about bashing Judge Anderson first but then I found this great HS and switched to Hershey. Thanks for your nice comment!
e5sargemac, thanks! My enthusiasm is just like a lot of others here.
grizzerr, thanks! You are always be supportive!
wisesky, wow! Your wife is stylish like Milla Jovovich!
Gregorbian, thanks! I think sharing is the spirit here in this forum.

Secret Agent, Medicom must have made it a while ago. You can still find it at some auction site.
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