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Joint Birthdays for Tuesday 03/14 and Wednesday 03/15/17

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Belated Birthday Wishes to these Warriors---

joedoc973 (57), dragonsleeper (46), Screaming Metal (39), and Jack D (31)

Hope y'all had a Great day! :thumb

Slipped out the back door---

Red_70, hatman (70), and giantneversayno (42)

Today's birthday celebrants are off post---

wormie, Ulrak, kensfx, and huttwigleyMelvin (34)

They must have grabbed a ride out---

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Happy birthday to all of you! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To You ALL, Where 'er you may be !!!!!!!!!!!
Happy belated Birthdays to all! Hope you all have a GREAT week!
I totally missed this and I keep looking forward each year lol. Thanks EPT
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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