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Hi Gentlemen,
this is my first post on OSW. To everybody I send a regard from Italy!

I introduce you Joe Petrucci. An Italian-American GI of the 29th Division.

HS "Cosmo Kramer" by Bionic-joe (on e-bay) modified
Uniform Dragon / DID improved
Rank CVI
Equipment Dragon improved
Helmet M1 DID improved
Gaiters Be-com Shop
Boots NLM
Lucky charm self made with Milliput
Watch Dragon improved
Tattoo realized with a Japanese brush (anciently used for writing)


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Whaow..Top notch... A True custom IMHO
love the the Attitude, HS, chili pepper charm, and all rest, it really screams "CHARACTER"
I can almost hear the 1940's Brooklyn accent :)
I'm not yet to familiar with the Gods of 1/6 scale, but figurine-wise a few names pop up in my mind like Bill Horan, Lattore, Rosengrant...
Brava!!! Hope to see more of your art soon...
BTW was the face painted with Oils?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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