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JIAOU DOLL 1/6 Scale Seamless New Shape Strong Male Action Figure Body Collectibles Toys

Release Time : Middle July of 2018

Material : TPE
Skeleton : 28 Points Stainless Steel Ball Joints Articulations , and plastic part ( POM ) .
Product Size : 28CM Without Head
Weight : 0.8KG/Color Box
Skin Color : Suntan, Black , Tan
Foot Type : Detachable Foot

Product Set :

1x Seamless Strong Male Body ( Without Head )
1x Display Stand
2x Set Foot
4x Pair Hands
5x Genitals
1x 1x Muscle Shirt
1x Underwear
1x Pair Wristband
1x Ankle Brace

Neck Joint Diameter : 10mm Stainless Steel

Model Number of 1/6 Strong Male Body as below :
JOK-12D-PS : Detachable Foot , Black Skin Male Body .
JOK-12D-BS : Detachable Foot , Suntan Skin Male Body .
JOK-12D-YS : Detachable Foot , Tan Skin Male Body .

Arm Leg Human body Knee Gesture

Knee Gesture Human anatomy Thigh Chest

Shorts Leg Thigh Flash photography Knee

Knee Thigh Art Elbow Flash photography

View attachment 389856
Dance Athletic dance move Flash photography Performing arts Art

Dance Athletic dance move Flash photography Performing arts Art

Leg Thigh Knee Waist Human anatomy

Arm Shoulder Human body Jaw Gesture

Hand Human body Jaw Neck Gesture

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Jiaou Doll... i think you may have gone overboard with the genitals... that's a third leg right there!
But nice body!
So what skin color matches the typical HT Caucasian heads? Like the Capt America/Chris Evans head?
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