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Inspired by Ikki Tousen and Tenjo Tenge.

Japanese Schoolgirl Warrior...Fight!


Head: DML Linh with Abbey Chase hair
Body: DML Abbey Chase
Skimpy outfit: badly sewn
Shoes: Cut from DML Svetlana's boots
Sword: Styrene and epoxy clay.

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Hey, Jimmi - I always enj:eeky your femfig creations. They're very fun and this one's very cute! :thumb :thumb My only request are photos with more contrast & clarity like the last one. The others are a bit faded out. I'd also luvv to see a closeup pic of the Linh/Chase headsculpt.


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Aha! I see you've had a fair bit of practice creating very cool and nicely made fem fatal figs! Great job as usual!
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