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Hobby Complex Exhibition was held today at the Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center. It is mainly for figure and toy trades. A bunch of 1/6 figure customizers were participating to show case their work. I was honored to be invited to show my work there. (GORO-san and Fukuinu-san, arigatogozaimasu, otsukaresamadeshi-ta) Here are some major attractions. The whole 70 photos can be found in my website:

Fukuinu-san's Deunan - this is what Takara should have done!

Sadapoo-san's Yakuza Killer. She has 7 masks to change!

Zin-san's Bat Woman - spectacular custom!

Fury-san's Cat Woman - her eyes are lively!

Karisuma Biyoushi-san's unknown female character - excellent face sculpt!

Yusin-san's Herman Miller-like chair - all hand made, amazing, isn't it?

GORO-san's huge dio - interesting!

And OSCF Contest 01 Winners:

1st: Suiken-san's 11th MEU Ops Iraqi Freedom

2nd: Jin-san's USMC All Gillied Up Sniper

3rd: Bruce-san's Navy Seals CQB

4th: Tstsu-san's 75th Ranger

5th: Scarlett-san's 1st SFOD Delta

And this is my HKSDU card board dio, details in:

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Thanks for the coverage Ray! Looks like one heck of a party. :D I am pretty much blown away by the customs, especially the femfigs. Fantastic stuff! And great to see your SDU amongst the bunch as well - definitely top notch work there man! :thumb :thumb :thumb

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Karisuma Biyoushisan's unknown female is Erika Sawajiri, a young actress of some notoriety now. That picture behind the doll may be of an AV actress who they made look like her--so not actually her.

Still really nice doll though. Cool, always like seeing Suikensan and Jinsan's USMC figures. Nice HKSDU stack too mgbb :thumb
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