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last time we saw jamie she was unsure of her and randy getting married.....


but atleast they were happy

and should still be, unless she still thinks he isn't happy with marrying her.

Randy: Well that was one delicious meal!

Jamie: Yeah it was, but i still don't think u wanna marry me!

Randy: What, you still don't think I want to? i was the one who said we should think about it!

Jamie: You really do want to?

Randy: Yeah, just like how I would love to drive that car!

Jamie: Oh yeah?

Randy: Yeah! Man, that sure is one beatiful Trans Am!

Jamie: Yeah it is! Kinda like little old me, wouldn't ya say?

Randy: Not like you, your prettier! Plus your the one i'm gonna marry!

Jamie: Aww, i love you too.... i do hope you have a ring!

Randy: Yeah, So, anyway... lets go, i'm getting cold, and i am sure you are too!

Jamie: Not really, just like how you don't have a ring!

Randy: Sure Gorgeous! I will have ring soon! and I doubt that your outfit is that warm.

Jamie: It sure is, unlike the ring you don't have! Especially with the headband.

Randy: Well, maybe I should get a ring, and headband as well?

Jamie: We would look alike, and we'd be engaged!

Randy: We would, wouldn't we?

Jamie: Yes like two goofball loverbirds!

Randy: You are too funny, MS. Cuteness!

Jamie: So I am? I guess you are MR. Cuteness, or maybe MR. Wonderful?


Randy: you know I really think you have a cute slurp. Also no my dear, I doubt I have anything in common with MR. Wonderful aka Kevin O'Leary! I mean he screams greed!

Jamie: you really think he's greedy?

Randy: that or really really Buisness savy

Jamie: you've got a point there..... i mean you knowing buisness, or greed? come on, not likely!

Randy: wh- wha- ppff- what? why I could run a great buisness.....

Jamie: sure! i wonder if Nathan and Eva would agree with that!

...... could he? Will he ever get that ring, and marry her? stay tuned for part 4
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