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The Jaegerkorpset (JGK, Huntsmen Corps), Denmark's Army Special Operation Forces, was first deployed in Afghanistan in 2002 as part of the multi-national Task Force Kabar.
The unit was then sent in support of the 750-strong Danish Battle Group, aka DanCon-ISAF, deployed in Helmand Province from 2006 to 2014. The JGK was used in the traditional SOF roles of direct action and special reconnaissance (a few Jaegersoldat can be seen searching a compound in the documentary Armadillo).
In 2012, as part of TF7, operators from the unit started mentoring Afghan Provincial Response Companies.

The figure represents a typical JGK Operator in a DA Ops ca 2009. This has been quite a long-term project (I started working on it last August), with a number of major custom or modified parts, but in the end I am rather happy with the result.

I would like to thank Josh/Pemgreen for his inspirational work and my son who willingly donated a Lego part so that my M/96 carbine could get a barrel of the proper dimension.


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Re: Danish SOF in Helmand, Afghanistan 2009

A very good reference picture :

Part list :

HS : DML mod, repainted, hair and beard added
Body : Soldier Story, neck and forearms repainted
Hands : SS bendy

TC APH helmet : DAM TC2000 mod, camo painted
NVG mount assembly : ACE mod
MS2000 strobe : SS

Danish desert camo tailor-made UBACS : custom
Danish M/01 kampuniform Orken camo trousers : custom
Rigger belt, OD : DAM
Nomex gloves : SS
Blackhawk! Tactical Knee Pads, black : SS painted
Asolo FSN95 GTX hiking boots : SS

Eagle Industries Molle Padded Military Belt, CB : SS
Safariland 6004 SLS holster : DAM camo painted
Eagle Industries pistol mag pouch, FB style (double), CB : SS
Eagle Industries utility pouch, MJK : SS
Eagle Industries frag grenade pouch, CB x 2 : SS
Eagle Industries medical pouch, CB : SS
Rifle mag pouch, CB x 2 : DAM
Gerber multitool pouch : DAM
LBT 2367E safety lanyard, OD : Playhouse

Plate carrier : PH
Eagle Industries TAC-V1 MOLLE vest, MJK : Hot Toys mod
Eagle Industries double-mag pouches, FB style (double), CB : custom, DAM base
Eagle Industries double-mag pouch, FB style (single), CB : custom, DAM base
Eagle Industries MBITR pouch, MJK : DAM + PH mod
Eagle Industries GP Pouch, CB : SS
Eagle Industries Modular Assault Pack, MJK : Toys City mod

AN/PRC 152 MBITR : Easy&Simple
Earpiece : DAM

Suunto Core Watch : E&S
Oakley SI M-frame glasses : DAM mod
EMT shears : Crazy Dummy
Carabiner : E&S
Chemlight sticks x 2 : SS + E&S
Garmin Foretrex GPS : CD

M/96 (Diemaco C8A1) carbine, Daniel Defense RIS : PH Mk18 mod, camo painted
KAC 300M flip-up rear sight : SS
KAC flip-up front sight : PH
KAC rail covers : DAM
KAC forward pistol grip : SS
LLM01 laser/light : SS
Aimpoint M2 Red Dot Sight : DAM
Surefire SOCOM556-RC suppressor : DAM
M4 30 round magazines x 1+10 : SS + div
Magpul mag assist x 1+6 : ACE repaint
Rifle sling, black : SS

HK USP 9 mm pistol : SS
9 mm magazine x 1+2 : SS
Pistol lanyard : SS

M67 frag grenade x 2 : SS
MK13 MOD 0 Flash Bang : SS

Blood type patch : custom

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Re: Danish SOF in Helmand, Afghanistan 2009

Many thanks for the kind comments.

great looking figure and interesting camo pattern. modern is not my thing but good looking figure.

Coming from such a distinguished 1/6er, it means a lot, thanks Miguel. I resisted working on "modern" projects a long time, but actually it's quite fun when you depart from boxed figures. And I keep alternating with "older" subjects for variety's sake.

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Re: Danish SOF in Helmand, Afghanistan 2009

Thank you all for the new comments.

Just realized this is a complete "build" from scratch!
That is impressive work! And like Miguel points out the cammo pattern is really neat looking. Again, like Miguel says modern is not my thing either - so when I first looked at this it was ya ya another modern figure coming down the pike....

Really nice work on this!

Not exactly "complete build from scratch", except for the uniform. But it is true a number of parts were modified more or less extensively.

Did you use Spoonflower to do the camo material?
Yes, the camo comes from Spoonflower. Not 100% accurate IMHO, compared to pictures of actual garments I got from a collector friend - as an example the green spots seem a bit wide and too light in colour. But creating a better camo would have meant blinding hours on the computer, and it is near enough to fit the purpose.
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