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Hi Folks
This is a simple kitbash for me and has made a nice change,once again
First formed in 1949,Israel,s newly formed Parachute Brigade got of to less than perfect start.Lacking proper training facilities and using past its best equipment,the brigade suffered many fatalities,during training.This did not bode well,many men resigned ,discipline fell to almost nothing.
Into this mess appeared new recruits, among,st them two outstanding men.
Karl Kahanna,of Austrian birth and a former member of the L.R.D.G.He refined the training schedule,learnt the recruits behind the line tactics and how to take the fight to the enemy.The second man ,Marcel Tuvias,ex French Foreign Legion,another combat veteran and as hard as nails.Tuvias ,enforced discipline,and training,sometimes with the use of fist and boot.but he got the job done.These men plus a new Commander Major Yehudah Harari built this new airborne brigade up into a potential elite fighting force.Combat would test them,but this was to come later.
Uniform then consisted,sand colored,British type helmet,Airborne badge ,in whitepaint on front.
Israeli,produced tan fatigue trousers and shirt,with olive brown jumper
Puttee,s and boots formally British issue
W11 British,surplus,x type parachutes,these chutes were getting a bit past their sell by date.But would have to do for now
Weapons,what ever they could lay hands on,this fellow has an ex German MP 40

That,s my first of four fellows from this Elite Formation ,next one will be from the 1956 era.Thanks for looking
Cheers Gordon

wave man TDY staff
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Simple but really nice, Gordon. I look forward to the whole series, Israel's paras proved to be superb soldiers, after the bumpy start.
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