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Israeli Defence Force IDF MAG gunner

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Showcasing a very old kitbash with some new shots. Mid to late 80s early 90s gear up I guess.
One of my favorite kitbash to date though is a little dated as you can see, mainly Armory gear were used with a very old DML headsculpt on a very old BBi G1 body.

Because Armory made such tight fitting pants (and I couldn't find a proper replacement), it wouldn't look good on a normal 1/6 body. BBi G1 has the perfect stature for these gear though I sacrifice poseability.

Helmet was a trimmed down 21C US M1 helmet. Knee pads are self made. Main work done is removing of all the velcro on the pouches. Only velcro remains is the main opening for the flak jacket.

MAG's ammo pouch was also hand sewn.

Still waiting for the next IDF soldier to come along after Armory.
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Very nice.
I'd love an IDF figure too, the closest we've had was Ariel Sharon.
Kenny, very neat figure! Good to see your work again!
Greart work on your bash. I love it when someone recycles and then makes it look very expensive.
Yes, he looks great. I'd love a good IDF soldier.
"Borrowing somebody's else idea is always the greatest of the all given compliments..." Having said that, I just want to let you know that your terrific figure was the source of inspiration when I made mine ( a couple years ago. Some of the most iconic custom items, never made before by the date, I'd like to remark the canvas ammo bag, MG's bipod cushions and the knee pads. They rock!!! Also weathering & mods altogether applied to the HS, combat webbing system and that helmet's chinstrap, are top notch. I'll look forward to see more of your work.
Excellent work, I really like this figure. You have given him a very unique look, I like the headsculpt you chose to use. The overall effect is amazing in its simplicity.....Jim
So good to see your bash again, Kenny. He still looks quite good, and is easily identifiable. I believe that the signature tight trousers actually were in fashion for both the Israelis and the French, in those days.
Brilliant MAG gunner Kenny.

Looks like one of Ronald Volstad plates of an IDF soldier.
I love it when a figure brings back some old gear and makes it look good again. Nice job.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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