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Is Atlantic toys out of business? NO IT IS NOT!!!!!

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Just went to the site and its closed.
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Clay, it's working for me.

They have a notice on their home/front page regarding a site change due to the freemerchant fiasco of late.
No they move to a diffrent address since the 12 of these mounth:
www. these is the one they had in there page, but I have not tried yet..hope it help; but they are going to be at the Sac. GI Joe show in march..
They are alive and well.
I placed an order with them last week and received confirmation and shipping info.
As mentioned above, they had to migrate from the freeshopper server to their new server.

Keith Justice aka "Justice Fighters" store did the same.

SoF :ar15
They're five by five, and here's hoping they still are long after the devil's asking where I'm at.
I've been in touch with them...they are only 15 min away...
What was the "freemerchant fiasco" I saw Justice Fighters changed their site but I thought it was just an upgrade.

Mark D
I don't know what the fiasco was but here is what their official site says now:

"Due to the high cost of continued maintenance, we have decided to discontinue all FreeMerchant services on January 15, 2008.
If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].
Thank you for your business and support over the years!
-The FreeMerchant Team"


Apparently, "Freemerchant" was/is some kind of online paying server something-or-other. Customers of a multitude of businesses and services that used this freemerchants, and it wasn't just 1/6, it was everything you can think of, were noticing anywhere from 8 dollars and change to 10 dollars and change being added to their CC statements. Some sleuths traced it back to some boilerroom operation in California, last I read. It was hoped that, predictably, most people don't examine their statements. I'm sure I've glossed over alot of details.

Businesses using that company have now changed over to other ones. This IN NO WAY was the fault of the businesses, they were caught in it just like the victims.

Atlantic Toys are absolutely one of the best 1/6 dealers, and great friends and supporters of the hobby. Highly, highly recommended.
I can count them as most likely the very first 1/6 dealer I ever bought from. I found them after going to the 21st Century site listed on the back of a uniform set I purchased.
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