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Hello all: Just wanted to do a quick intro and post a few pictures that I made tonight.

I'm just getting back into collecting 1/6 stuff after many years of letting the stuff sit in my basement.

I first stated collecting again after the 21st Century/Ultimate Toy Soldier stuff got released - I did collect the original Joes back in the 70's - but most of never survived my childhood.

I remember a few forums from when I got back into the hobby, but lost track of most of those links 4-5 years ago.

I found this group from a posting on a web site called The Miniatures Page - I work full-time in a hobby store specializing in military wargaming miniatures.

The post had to do with a big 1/6 Zombie diorama, and that brought me back into the hobby.

I dug out my boxes of fiures 3 nights ago, and have started playing around with them.

I'm amazed at all of the better stuff that is now available, and feel that my wallet will probably be lighter in the coming months.

Here's a quick bash of some stuff I had in my box, and since I had the MP armband, I figured i'd do something along those lines.

Hoep you all enjoy, and thanks for letting me join your sandbox.



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That's a tough-looking MP, and apparently things are serious, as he's unlimbered that scattergun. Another good example of simple, good bashing.

Welcome to the OSW.
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