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Hi OSW members,

I have been a OSW member for quite some time, but this is my first post :bag. My name is Victor, originally from Mexico, but I’ve been living in USA for almost 10 years. Actually I just moved from Michigan and now living in Houston Texas.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, my collection is basically 3 ¾ and 1/6 of course! I also have some 1/6 Superheroes and Movie characters.

My favorite 1/6 figures in my collections are: Hot Toys Superman 2/1, Takara Batman, Medicom Spiderman 3 (Black and Red/Blue) , Sideshow Kit Fisto and Mace Windu.

My best 1/6 figure is: Hot Toys Jack Sparrow.

One of the coolest 1/6 I have: My Jabba‘s Diorama (Including Sideshow: Jabba the Hutt, Jabba’s Throne, Salacious Crumb Creature Pack, Buboicullaar Creature Pack, Jedi Luke and Hasbro Jawa, Gamorrean Guard and Leia Slave)

My Kitbashing/customizing figures: Princess Leia Slave, Mara Jade, Aurra Sing, Admiral Daala, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

My current 1/6 project: A real 1/6 Darth Vader…in my dreams

Most expected/desirable 1/6: Russell Crowe’s the Gladiator and the General , Wonder Woman, Aayla Secura, Quinlan Vos, Luminara Unduli, , and of course a real 1/6 (13.5” – 14”) Darth Vader.

Nice meeting you all...:thumb

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Welcome Aboard, and hello to a fellow local :D
Glad to have you on board. Looks like you're a movie figure fanatic, and its great to have you onboard. Hope to see some pictures of your collection some time :]

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Welcome to the main page, Victor. Impressive collection and an expensive area of interest, yeah? Good stuff, and only getting better it seems.

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