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Indiana Jones sculpt DONE!

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Hi guys,
Here is another sculpt I'm doing for Pacobird. It's just about done now, and I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. The hat is from the Jim Maddox sculpt done for Frontline. I can't wait to finally make my own Indi!


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Reggie, he's coming along very nicely!

- Ian
Nice sculpt.
The unpainted version looks alot like Steve McQueen to me though!

Good observation SoF I was thinking that too, sort of has a Magnificent Seven sort of look to it. You certainly have Indy's charater down, that's for sure. Great sculpt!
Thanks guys! I added another picture, after making a few small changes.
Maybe it's just me......

....but that is, hands-down, the most comprehensive Ford HS I've seen yet. And they've all been pretty danged good, too, so that's saying something.

It's so good it's spooky.
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Nice work Reggie, wish I had the patience and skills to knock out these fine creations like you. I get like maybe 1 out of 10 that I even partially like :p
Looking great so far,

I think he'll look better once you get the hair done (Unless Pacobird will add some real hair of course.), a bald Harrison sculpt will be handy to have around though. When I see the hairless head with the hat I'm reminded an awful lot of Yul Brynner.

Very much looking forward to seeing more pics of him when he's finished

I'm really excited about this sculpt. I think the revised sculpt is amazing and the likeness is superb. Thanks, Reggie, for another incredible sculpt!
Oh man that is a sweet looking Indy, Nice work there Reggie.
Hey guys, a new picture has been added up top of the finished (I think) sculpt. Just waiting for the ok. I can't wait to make a figure :lol
make sure to post it :D thats a very impressive likeness
I really admire your talent, Reggie. I love seeing work like this.
Your best work yet!! Thanks for another incredible sculpt!
Freakin SICK!! I bend the knee and worship your crafti-ness! :jump4joy

That is in MHO the very pest representation of Indy to date. The detail is incredible, right down to the knose, scar on chin and mole! :clap :clap

Can't wait to see the finshed self-sculpt U R doing of me!!!!!

Will not sleep now until I see it finished and painted! :jump4joy

Great ob Reggie.
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