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Hi All

I don't a chance to do alot of 1/6 stuff anymore but when I do it's always fun to do.

This Indy and base are for a commission for a friend, the base isn't 100% movie accurate but still I belive still turned out really well. The Indy head is the new design from The frontline custom heads which I personally think is a way better likeness, the base and figure have been painted using Reaper, Vallejo and GW paints.


1: Head & Fedora - Are both both from The frontline custom heads this is the newer head he has done an amazing job sculpting the likeness of a young Ford.

2: Body & Hands - The body is from Dragon and the hands are from BBI.

3: Jacket, Shirt, Pants & Shoes - The Jacket is from BBI, the shirt and pants are from Dragon the shirt has been soaked in boil tea for about an hour and then rinsed dry .The pants have been boiled in water with fabric softner and a teaspoon of bleach to get the rigidness out of them and then sanded and drybrushed to get the desired look. The shoes are from Dragon and drybrushed.

4: Pants belt, Holster belt - The pants belt is some old fabric I had in the bits box the buckle is some plastic shaped to the desired shaped and the belt end is some lead foil cut to shape and glued in place.The holster belt is from a dragon FBI figure.

5: Holster, Whip & Bag- The holster is made from left over leather and the pistol handleis from a WW2 flare gun cut off and glued inside the holster. The whip is made from leather strips, The bag is from aSideshow WW1 figure I cut off the straps and added a leather strap and a buckle from the bits box.

6: Base - The base is made from balsa wood, foamcore and marine styrofoam, I cut strips of marine styrofoam glued them onto the base let dry and once dry I got a piece of sandstone from the garden and pushed it into the foam leaving impressions, it was then painted and fern type bushes were used to cover the base which I got from a craft shop. The Pedestal was carved and sanded out of sections once I got the deires look I glued them together.
I then did the same thing with the sandstone and pushed into the foam, To get the ingravings onto the pedestal I drew on the foam then scribed over were I drew the patterns using plasticard and a pair of tweezers.

More pics can be seen in my indiana jones section.

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While the diorama is SICK, I'm not a fan of the new Frontline HS. I ordered an extra a while back and thought for a long time that the mold had gotten mishapen. The hat is 'tardedly huge.

Amazing work all around though---if I were you I'd have to decline the commissioned price and display that bad boy!
Your commissionee will be very pleased. The figure is nice, but that base is a marvel on its own. Thanks for your write out on your methods, they should come in handy for anyone who wishes to try their hand at mimicking [sp?] your work.
It's been a while Ron, good to see you back!

That indy custom and base are awesome!!!

Yes Ron, it's a great new version of Indiana Jones.
Overall, it looks great, but I do have to agree with Ashton about the head. I actually like Lonnie's original one a whole load more than I do this one. The hat does look overly large and the proportions of the face are way off, in fact, he looks more like Ron Perlman than Harrison Ford. The one in the pic below is, as far as I know, the old one and it looks more like the real deal...



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Whoa it has been a long while, Ron. I miss all your SW stuff. :D

In any case, mighty fine looking Indy, and that base is just faaaannntttaaastic. :thumb :thumb
Great work, but yeah hat is too big.
Great looking dio base and figure. Well done.
Amazing job! But fedora needs to be replaced, it really catches the eye - way too tall.

Amazing stuff, Ron. It is always a treat to see your work and this just blows me away.
That base looks incredible! Very Nice work. Is it ok to ask how much a base like that one would cost? I am not sure I could make it look THAT real even by following your instructions. Just incredible.
Hi All

Thanks for the replies and comments very much appreciated, It was fun doing another 1/6 custom after my indy bust, I'm actually going to slow down alittle and get back into 1/6 customs I hoping to get at least one done every 5-6 weeks fingers X.

I must admit I do like the head scuplt alot I think it's a great version of a younger indy, but have to agree that the hat is a little tall but other then that it still gets 9/10 from me.

Spiderpig the cost for the base by itself $160au that is the materials and hours put into it.

gaiagear don't worry mate the next 1/6 I'm doing is a SW one but it's going to a bust/dio togther that will be completed in a few weeks.

Always such a pleasure to see your customs Ron.

Nice tip on using the stone as a stamp to texture the foam, thanks!

Mate another Awesome piece. Makes me want to finish the half done bits I have. Can't wait to see the new Star Wars customs.
hemble, Thank you. It appears to be well worth the price!!!
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