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I'm 'new' dr. Frankenstein (?) trying to create Centaurette (??)

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My name is "Trouble"

I was born ... actually, I don't remember when I first appeared in the mind of My Creator.

Since then, I've been hanging around Him constantly, stepping on His fingers, kicking Him in the back part of the body - the part where the back loses its noble name, and parking over His ear.

But I must admit that it would probably be easier for me to persuade the descendant of a donkey and a mule to cooperate than him.

But I finally managed to kick Him in the right place and make Him go about bringing me to life.

Creator's PoV.
I've always wanted a centaur figurine, but the choice wasn't that big. There were some 1/24 scale figures, but I couldn't find anything in 1/6 scale.
So the figurine thing was put off more and more, until recently, while tidying up my apartment, I found an old Barbie doll and a horse.
I don't even know when and how I bought it, but having 2 daughters sometimes results in all sorts of weird purchases.

Once I found these elements, I decided to try to build myself a centaur.
As this is supposed to be my first figurine made in this way, I expect a terrible 'flap' and if nothing comes of it, at most - without much regret - I will throw it in the garbage.

The first thing I did was remove the horse's head and neck from both halves.
Fortunately, the legs in the doll figurine could be detached, so I did it without much problem.

Then, in a fit of my own genius/madness/stupidity (*), I noticed that the inside of the horse has empty legs and I can put the appropriate shortened doll legs in these insides just in time.

<photo1> <photo1a>

That's more or less what it looked like, but I noticed that I don't really like it myself.
Comparing various drawings I found on the web, I decided that the human body should be lifted and moved forward.
For this, however, I need to build a 'skeleton' inside the horse.
And I'm working on it (skeleton) right now.

* * * *

I found among the leftovers from various renovations and tinkering something called "foam-cardboard" or modeling foam. In a nutshell, there is a layer of foam covered on both sides with cardboard.
From this material I decided to make an internal skeleton.

<photo2> <photo2a> <photo2b> <photo2c> <photo2d>

After a few fittings, I chose the most suitable position of the torso and cut the fastening accordingly.

Trouble's PoV
I have no idea what he's thinking... At first he made me into some kind of caricature and I looked like I had sunk into my horse's torso.
Then he began to correct something, to fiddle with the horse, to put something on, to cut, to try on. I finally started to look like something.
I won't say I like myself. Skinny, with a waist so thin that I'm afraid to move because I'll break ....
No, he definitely needs to work on my body.
Above the horse part too.


Well, I 'crooked' .... This my not steamy tongue ...
My sorry god 'creator' said he didn't like my legs - how dare he even say such a thing?
My shapely hooves... He doesn't like them!
He took this red growling "SOMETHING" and started tickling me with it...
Half the trouble when he tickled my legs, but when he started tickling my belly, I couldn't help myself. And he was still complaining about me that I was throwing him around...
And yet he said that it's not over ....
I am anxiously awaiting what will happen...

Creator's PoV
Well, when I looked at the legs of the horse's body, I winced, thick, clearly visible places of joining the form. This will have to be dealt with. So 'Dremel' in motion and remove the welds. I haven't been able to remove them all, I still have sandpaper work to do.

(*) - delete as appropriate.


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Once did this many many years ago with a Gi Joe and a Marx horse, but didn't quite know what I was doing.
Great start, looking forward to more.
Creator's PoV
Today I had some free time so I decided to use "Milliput" for the first time in my life.
I read a little, watched a little and got to work.
Trying to apply as thin as possible (which is not easy having a 'toe' as big as a half-giant)
I leveled the difference in levels on the back and belly of the horse's body. Then it was the turn to level the unevenness on the chest and seal the hole that was left after the broken tail.
Additionally, I attempted to make a scar on my left hind leg.
When I was making it (it is in the pictures) it seemed to me to look good, but half an hour later I did not like it. So I removed it.

Unfortunately, I must have done something wrong because when I lifted the body of the horse, what was on the belly fell off almost entirely.
I guess I need to watch a lot more on Youtube how other people do it.

Trouble's PoV
No comment


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I am still alive and the figurine is slowly being created (still).
I'm having a bit of trouble learning how to use the "Milliput" mass.
Below is the current appearance of the figurine.

Translated by google translator
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