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Hello, I need once your help.
I search the dimensions of Russian / East European ammunition packaging.

5.45X39 AK-74 Ammunition 1080 Rounds Sealed Tin.

I have seen this ammunition packaging in some pictures in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, there was in the picture no possibility to calculate how big ammunition packaging is.

And how the Ammunition packaging for cal.223 Remington is 5.56x 45 mm
I have seen in pictures in a wooden box two ammunition boxes are packed.

- How is the ammunition in the ammunition boxes a packed?
- Is the ammunition in Bandoleer or in cardboard packed?
- How many cartridges are in a Bandoleer or in the cardboard?
- How many cartridges Bandoleer or cardboard are in one ammunition boxe?

How big is of the Combat Load of the US soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan?

Much easily you can help me in one or other asks or have pictures them help.
I owe you already once for your help

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The "sardine cans" rounds are packaged in cardboard boxes within, 5.45X39 has 30 rounds per cardboard box, 1080 rds per tin = 36 boxes. I tossed my sardine can but I'd say it measured approximately 1.5ft. long X .5ft wide. Check out the thumbnails for size comparison(with the AK) & detail:


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5.56 Ammo

3 10-round clips per point protector box (30 rounds per box). A point protector box is a small box without a lid into which 3 clips slide, each clip with 10 rounds; the box protects the bullet end, or "point," of each round from damage. With the level A pack, four point protector boxes fit in a bandoleer and seven bandoleers in an M2A1 can (28 boxes and 840 rounds per can); two cans then fit in a wirebound crate (1,680 rounds per crate); 48 crates per pallet.

How big is of the Combat Load of the US soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan? That will vary from unit to unit, mission to mission, foot patrol. Generally, 280 rounds of 5.56 (that to get heavy with everything else you are carrying). Extra ammo is carried by all team members for the LMG. Use of grenades will vary also, at lease 2 per man of Frag, M18 smoke generally to the team leader (TL), assistant TL, and radio man. 40 mm Rounds are generally the responsibility of the grenadier (18 fits into the vest and 24 in an M60 ammo pouch). If guys are in a vehicle, extra ammo will be in it.
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