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I finally got my Enterbay WOD figure today...

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So as many of you know from my avatar and many different threads, I bought, well my wife bought it for my birthday next week, an Enterbay figure. The Way of the Dragon figure to be precise. Well it just came in the mail after three long weeks of waiting. I got the little pick-up slip yesterday, and I picked it up this morning. And let me tell you the package was huge. It was about 19 pounds, 10 of that was the actual box and figure. I got him out of the box and he has only one tiny defect, the dye from his black place holder rubbed off on his arms. No big deal, looks like veins so I'm fine.

Pictures are now attached, if you want more I have loads of them. My review will be up as soon as I finish writing it. But only on The leather jacket did not come with the figure, it came from my personal collection.


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congrats! looking forward to the photos!
Congratulations! It's a superb figure that's even better than the first one. Happy Birthday indeed! Have a good one. :)

Your wife must love you! For some people, wanting an Enterbay Bruce Lee could lead to divorce!

Look forward to seeing him

Pictures will be up today after work, I have some resizing to do. I think there's like 15 pictures. Great poses, and I'll probably take some more too. I'm going to be writing a review for about the figure in the coming days (it'll be finished this weekend) adressing all the pros and cons about it.

Thanks Nick, I'll be turning 20 on the 18th. I haven't had contact with the GOD figure, but from what I understand this one is the best so far. I was going to wait for the EOTD figure, but with no release date in sight, and the wealth of accessories with this one, it seemed worth it.

Rogerbee, it would have ended in divorce if it had not been that my wife is paying almost $200 for Spice Girls Reunion Tickets. As well as me having just bought her a Zune for when she's on campus and has nothing to do. I looked at her and said, "my b-day's in a month or so, and I think I deserve something expensive." She asked what I wanted and I showed her. lol, took forever to get him here, but he's here.

I'm not sold on the idea yet, but I'm thinking of doing some Stop-Mo with him, I'm still getting a grasp on how to use him, and pose him (only two loose joints, his right rotating eye and his right ankle). I'm also slightly customizing the figure (the clothes only). So if you see him in any unfamiliar clothing that doesn't come with him, it's clothing I have that I put on him.
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It is indeed even better than the initial figure and that is saying a lot. You can't ask for a better figure to celebrate the completion of your second decade on the planet. May you have many, many more. Happy Birthday once again. :)

Spice Girls tickets for $200, yikes, hope she enjoys the show.

It's a great way to get what you want too, remind them that they spend more on things they want than you do.

Bruce looks awesome too, you're a lucky guy.

Thanks again for all the feedback, now I'm just waiting to hear back from Michael about my review. A few of the pics here will be there as well, but I'll probably shoot more over to him later.

And yes reminding them of that does help. I know that show better be gorram fantastic. That $200 was for right below nose bleed section. But anyway, I didn't really expect to get this figure, my wife did it without me knowing lol. I talk about it briefly in the review.
Something tells me that Eddie Murphy won't be the warm up guy!

I hope you do get to review this for Michael. His is the best review site going. I always wait for one of his reviews before I commit to buying any movie related figure. He's never been wrong about a figure yet and has saved me a ton of money in the past.

Look forward to seeing it if he posts it

What do you mean Roger, lol. Yeah, I'm working on fight demonstration pics right now. I'm having a hard time choosing which will be Bruce's victim, my Indy Jones, or my 13" Superman lol. I have another figure that just isn't flexible enough to rough house with Bruce, so it's down to those two. My three favorite pictures are up here right now and I've got more on the way. He said he's going to run the review later this week, because he'll be out of town for a while. So here's hoping.

I'm going to be working on a short comic strip too, and here's a short synopsys:

A body guard (Bruce Lee) is protecting his 'principal' a senator's daughter at a night club where the son of a mob boss is holding a small buisiness meeting. He sees the chance to strike hard at one of the politicians that didn't do what his Father asked. So he ends up kidnapping her and Bruce is on the chase through a city of millions of crooked people to find the girl he swore to protect.

Generic I know, but I think the story is quite fitting lol. There'll be more on it soon.
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I think Indy is likely to pull out his revolver and shoot him, remember what happened in Cairo Market!?

Anyway, look forward to seeing the comic strip

Great pics, of this awesome version of Bruce, DJ! These Enterbay figures are beauties!

- Ian
Yeah, but that scene from Temple of Doom comes to mind where he reaches for the pistol and its not there. lol, I'd love to have that in a picture with Bruce (nun-chuck equipped) and Indy going for the gun and not finding it. But in the scheme of everything, I'll probably buy Indy a suit and have him be a cop, the only straight cop in a crooked town lol.

Thanks Ian, I'm having great fun with this figure. I absolutely love him in the jacket.
Bruce Lee > Superman
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