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I Didn't Think It Would Be This Hard...

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I'm working on my very first ever kit-bash. At first, I thought it would be fairly simple to get what I needed. I bought the body already and one other item, but as I started looking for other stuff, the list of stuff got longer. Then a couple of things I wanted got bought out. Then I was hopping to more etailers. Then I found out I might have to alter some things (repaint, add embellishments). Or make them outright!

I thought this particular bash would be easy (and quick). I'm such a noob. :p
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Welcome to the wonderful world of bashing!!
Lol its been like 3 years and I'm still a noob. Heck, my current figures took almost 2 years and still not completed :p
Just don't take as long as me, and you'll be fine. Keep at it and just have fun, you'll know when you're done, and it doesn't have to be fast to be good :)

Ooh, yes I agree with Tatuued1.
You can always finish a figure in 15 minutes if you want, but there is something special about continually thinking of new stuff that you want on it. Even when it is on display, you get inspiration for some new part. That is probably the greatest fun of the whole hobby.
Every figure I have seems to be a work-in-progress. It's like Tatuued1 stated. It's displayed, and a few days later you think of something else to add. It's a never ending vicious cycle.
It's called bashing to delude ourselves into thinking everything will be a piece of cake, LOL.
Is it ever a piece of cake? :p
Mmmmmm....Cake......Arrghhh. Sorry that was my best Homer imitation. To be honest, No. That's where it becomes a passion, just when you think it's done, you know you could do something else better, and just wait til you try to tailor your own custom clothes, I mean forget about it. Then wait until it takes you so long to finish one, that before you finish it, you've learned so much along the way, you want to go back and redo what you started off with because you know you could do it better. It's a vicious cycle. :wail But then in the end it's just have fun! :thumb
You just supposed to use the shrink ray that came in the membership package.
Is it ever a piece of cake? :p
[cliche= The cake is a lie [/cliche'] :p
You have arrived! :lol

This sort of stuff still happens to me after 11 years and boxes of bits and parts. I started a squad bash back before Christmas and got the first 5 guys put together pretty quickly before realizing A. The grenade pouches didn't fit the vests very well and B. I didn't have the proper bayonets.

Oh wait... and which type of body armor did I want to use?

Well, you get the point. It still happens to most, if not all of us.
That is the fun of the hobby, especially the part where you put the final finishing and weathering on your figure :thumb
I know how you feel. It took me over two years to get my Indiana Jones to the point where I am finished. I started with a headsculpt, fedora and a pair of boots and then just waited buying a piece at a time until he was finished And then I finished his dad in a month. It can be hard finding what you want but patience is a virtue they say and when you are done with a figure and know he is done exactly how you want him the time spent will be worthwhile. Mike
What's worse, wait until you finally realize you've "completed" your figure and put it on your shelf to display, and - as so many above have stated - you start another bash to find the first one needs "just one more thing..."

Believe me...ALL of my customs are like that...until I sell them or give them away and then they're out of my hands...literally ;) :D
Like it's said, you'll never find yourself really "finished" with anything, eventually more improved bodies will come along that you will want to upgrade with, all sorts of new gear and weapons, but that's where most of the fun is at, putting everything together and the anticipation that comes from imagining just how your figure will look like when it's "finished' until you end up re-doing it again weeks or months later...
I don't think I have any figure that I am 100 percent satisfied with.I keep tinkering all the time.
This thread makes me feel much better. I'm going through the "will this ever be finished" process right now. Every time I think I'm coming to the close I do something like replace the body, clothes or repaint something. I'm getting ready to make a helmet for one figure for the third time. I just keep reminding myself it's not a race but a journey.
My wife bought me a Keaneu head that Hot toys made some years back(2000 maybe?). I bought a dragon body and then got Jones' shoes and sox. It took me 6 months before I put clothes on him. I actually just made some changes to him last week. I am glad that I am not the only one who has this problem. I will post pictures later.
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