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Let's make a "Power girl T-800" :applause

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Fuel tank

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire

Hair Arm Microphone Musician Motorcycle

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Motorcycle

I bought this bike (Fat boy in Terminator movie) around USD 50$, it is not actually a bike for figures, it is a decorative metal bike. It has no functions (I means normal articulations) and all parts are fixed to be a straight stuff.....but, whatever, it looks good in front of complaint about it.....

=================================Some more pictures of Jing Jing.=================================

Waist Flash photography Thigh Black hair Fashion design

Shoe Laptop Personal computer Sleeve Flash photography

Plant People in nature Leaf Natural environment Terrestrial plant

View attachment 396348
Machine gun Ballistic vest Paintball equipment Air gun Military camouflage

Shoe Plant Glove Flash photography Tree

Hood Flash photography Sunglasses Eyewear Gesture

Footwear Shoe Plant Military camouflage Leg

Hope you guys enjoy!


Body - Phicen/TB League S23B
Head Sculpt - Jing Jing
Suit - Fire Girl Toys Fighter


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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