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Sorry no pictures, camera was acting up last night :mad

Anyhoo, this is my first modern military fig and my first HT "human".

I got this guy because of the true type body and all the snow hiking gear. I do a lot of off trail back backing and this figure has some of the sweetest gear I've seen out side of REI.

The new true type body is everything I've read it to be... Absolutely bad ass!

The snow suit rocks, but for some reason it's been pre-weathered. If I had know this it would have been a detracting feature. If I want something weathered I'll do it myself.

The ice axe and and clamp-ons (ice spikes) are metal and look great.

The climbing ropes look pretty good.

The GPS has a thick plastic screen and looks a little odd.

The ball cap and the Oakley style shades are poorly made. The lenses were almost falling out of the frames. The cap just doesn't fit well and is poorly sewn, it's going to take some work to make it look good.

The hiking poles came bent, but a hair dryer fixed that. They come with little bits to make the poles look partially or fully extended. I tried putting them together and I just don't like them. A little crooked and they fall apart from their own weight.

I don't know enough about his weapons or military gear to have much of an opinion. Cotswold had him listed with a 1911 Colt., it's a Baretta. The sniper rifle has an amazing looking scope that has translucent lenses. The M14 has a ton of bells and whistles and I have no idea what they do.

The com link and head set look sweet.

The pack he comes with blows my mind. I have a 4 day snow pack made by Arctech, that will carry a 100lb. load. This little thing is almost spot on to my pack. Everything works. The extra pouches zipper off. The stuff sack on the top is fully useable. The whole pack is a work of art. Between the pack and the true type body I feel I got my money's worth.

The things I don't like all that much would be the hiking poles, the gps, his Oakleys, and his ball cap.

All in all this is a great figure. I plan on parting out the whole set... Tiki Head Ed is already wearing the pack. :D
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