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HT 40mm Grenade Vest Enquiries

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Hey guys,

I have a HT olive drab or green, which ever it is, 40mm grenade vest, the one that comes with 12 40mm rounds. I'm wondering if it is in use by the U.S Army Rangers of today? I mean with the MOLLE system now in use, I'm not sure if it is used even by conventional troops. I've seen abit of photos of it in use but they seem to show it being used by troops other than those of the U.S military. So, is that grenade vest used by U.S Army troops, Rangers in particular, in present day?


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I'm sure there are some troops still using it out there. As long as the Grenadier job exist i'm sure that vest will be used.
I agree with everyone else..Im pretty sure they are still popular with all the troops
Hey guys, thanks for the reply. Glad to know it's still in use. This means other ammo and stuff is carried in pouches attached to their web belts, right?

I happen to be friends with a Paratrooper (british army) who actually swapped a set of webbing for one of those vests whilst he was in iraq, so that vest i multi-cultural!! hehe!
Haha sounds cool. How did he carry his basic ammo in that case? Not in the 'nade pouches right?
He actually has the SA80's version of the the m203, dont know what its called but he uses the vest to store the nade rounds, he has standard 5.62mm mag pouches attached to the vest and also the vest has large pockets for flare rounds and i think he uses them for mags aswell
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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