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So I'm trying to help a friend figure out how to remove some screw hole covers in the butt of their Medicom RAH figure. For the majority of the screws, there is a soft plastic piece that can be removed with a tiny flathead screwdriver or a needle. In the butt of their figure however (i.e. the screws that attach the legs to the hips), there is a "hard" plastic cover, that I've read could be even glued down. Is there a way to remove these without breaking them, as they'd live to be able to replace the screw covers when they are done with the repair.

Below are some pics of their figure, and so far they've tried to cut around the edges and pry it out with an exacto knife, but that doesn't seem to we working....

This is their figure:

And these are some pics we found, which as you can see it looks like the one on the right actually had glue on it...just can't seem to figure out how they were able to successfully remove the cover...

appreciate any help and/or suggestions! Thanks!!
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