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How to protect rubber/latex parts from cracking?

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Hello all,

Recently, while web-surfing, I came across a post (can't remember which forum board) where the person's Takara Cerebos Saga Chuichi Koshiromaru (The guy Jinroh) rubber hose which connects the mask to the throat valve was cracked open almost half way in-between the 'rings' of the hose. The hose is sort of 'bend' to fit into the mask. He attributed it to humidity and temperature, which cause the cracks around the 'rings' of the hose.

When I saw the post I quickly did a check on my Jin-roh guy. (Got him only during late Dec'07). Seems ok so far. So my question out to forum members, what exactly cos latex/rubber parts to crack or turn brittle? is it High/low humidity? Is there a humidity level we are looking at to maintain rubber parts?

Given then Australia has very low humidity, I'm wondering if it will exacerbate rubber parts cracking.What do you all suggest? apply some skin moisturiser to the rubber parts?
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This is one of the main reasons I have stayed away from the rubber bodysuit figures like the HT Aliens. I had the GI Joe 30th Anniversary Navy fig and the humidty wrecked the wetsuit.

I read somehwere that Armor All could be used to preserve the material, but I can't confirm it.
Was told to coat withe bady powder and keep away from sunlight. Was advised not to use any chemicals. I would avoid using Armor All since it may get absorbed into the latex and have who knows what reaction after aging.
Nothing can truely stop latex/rubber from deteriorating. It is a natural material that loses its moisture and elasticity over time. Oxygen is the main cause, so unless you plan on keeping it in a clear case, it will happen.

However the best ways to protect it is to keep it out of sunlight, and use a light coating of cornstarch (Baby powder/ powder contains aloe, which is an oily substance that over time will eat away at it.) pure cornstarch is the best way to go.(all those yrs of latex mask collecting comes in handy :)
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