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how to make this body amour

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hi all,

just wondering anyone know how to make this custom cool girl amour?



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I think for the most part it's heated molded polystyrene.
thanks dedguy,

is truly a remarkable work there....

Gamisan's cy girls r too hot n too cool!
that's is the reason i wondering how gamisan's did it?

i did some surfing on the net and found out this product called friendly plastic or shapelock....wondering anyone tried this product for 1/6 figure?

That's something I'd really like to know, too. His armor is just stunning. I'd love to see a tutorial on it....
That's something I'd really like to know, too. His armor is just stunning. I'd love to see a tutorial on it....
so would i! the piece the Gamisan piece i have looks like the armor is vacuformed to me. it's completely smooth on the backside. like maybe he sculpted the armor pieces then vacuformed it over top those. that would explain why a lot of the same pieces are used in his works.

the Ban Ban Kazoo piece i have looks to be completely hand sculpted, since the backside of the armor pieces are not uniform. they show marks & ridges from sculpting.

both artists are simply incredible!
Maybe you should try to pm Sir Eaton Flipflop, he chopped up bodies for this:
Give vacuforming a try too. I built a little set up for under $20, just do some searches for vacuform or thermoform. :cheers
Thanks for the plug Ross:)

I did a search on making a vacuform machine/setup. Looks like it is a good option for reproducing Kate B. armor. I just went through my loose nudes and consigned around 40 of them specifically to be used toward more armor. It would be a charm to be able to reproduce certain pieces to be used in multiple bashes. I still need to figure out a reasonable way to add surface detail ( in base-relief ) as seen in BaBan Kazoo type figure armor. Line scribing might work for the underscored parts.
Resin casting would work too, but the resin amour plates might be more brittle to use.

Cool looking figures too.
If I remember the person work. It was three things he did.


Resin type Epoxy

and Stryene.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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