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Hi guys, thought I'd share this easy technique I came up with for adding a lightsabre blade to your Star Wars Jedi customs,

After you've taken your photos [ shoot against a black or white background, the effect looks better ]
Open them up using paintshop pro [ photoshop will probably be better but I use paintshop ]

1. make sure you're Jedi is gripping his 1/6th sabre hilt

2. using the line tool draw a white line the same thickness as the hilt opening

3. using airbrush [ red, green, blue, whichever colour you want the sabre ] set to a low opacity [ in this case 13 ] draw a haze over the white blade.

4. go over the whole blade and haze using the soften tool

5. add a slightly thinner white line over the blade

6. finally soften the area where it meets the hilt

And there you go :clap


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