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How to attach the pouches onto the CIRAS vest?

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Hi all

Just got the Hot toys CIRAS vest and would be greatful if someone could share a tip or two on getting the pouches hooked onto the main vest.

Please also let me know of any friendly tools to use.

Much appreciated
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The 2 or 3 straps on the back of the pouches weave onto the loops of the ciras. And if you ever need a tool for this (and you will) a set of jewelers tweezers and needlenose pliers will save you here.

Hope that helps.
And a big glass of patience will help
all the above advice..and some good tweezers...I use pointed them at hobby lobby..scrapbooking section...keeps me from going crazy.
Also be carful with the pointed ones as they can put holes in the gear if you're not careful.Look for some good rounded tip,but thin ones.
I always like to have my leatherman handy when I have to do this. I use the regular screwdriver end, and push them through the MOLLE strap while applying pressure only on the metal part (So it won't tear the fabric). And then you fold a couple things and you pliers to help take pull the rest down. Works pretty well for me.... Though CorranJ is right, alot of patience is needed.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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