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How many custom figures have you produced?

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They don't have to be completely custom. At least kitbashed. They just shouldn't be the ones you bought directly from a store. For me, it's two so far; I'm working on my third one now. I'm a newbie.
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If you mean custom, as in not stock from the box, then pretty much all of mine.

I have 74 figures currently displayed, and only 3-4 of them are stock, from the box. The rest have been researched, kitbashed and customized.
Pretty vague just saying...
They just shouldn't be the ones you bought directly from a store.
To me that just means bashing. Custom work on the other hand gets into a lot more detailed stuff.
Another way would be o ask..

Do you have any figures that look as thy did out of the box?

I know I don't..
I really don't keep things stock. Aside from a set of retro Adventure Team GI Joes I have on display, everything is a kitbash.
I tried to organize my scratchbuilds two nights ago. The only thing by a manufacturer on them are the shoes on about half a dozen. Everything else is made by me.

All-told, my scratchbuilds currently come to 37 on display (Western, Rogers' Rangers/1750s, Tuaregs and FFL, and a smattering of odds and ends). Not counting those tubbed up or fallen out of sight and out of mind. Total could be close to 50.

In a collection of close to 500 or so of all makes.

I personally think the term "custom" gets tossed around pretty loosely. Changing the hat on a figure technically makes it "custom", while the term also is used to describe an entirely handmade item or outfit. It rubs me just as much when a scratchbuild is called a kitbash.
My bad. I'm kind of new to all this. I really meant to ask "How many custom figures have you kitbashed and/or customized?" This does not include figures that you bought and left completely unmodified (e.g. Sideshow).
I only have one out of a 100 figures in my collection that hasn't at least been kitbashed. If I were to include all the figures we've done for resale I say the number is closer to 300.
I don't think I've ever said this in the forum but it's kinda of the way I see our hobby.
"There is no such thing as a bad figure. Just some need more customizing than others."
I can't leave them alone, all mine are bashed
5 kitbashed, 3 waiting for more parts, and topping off a commision. i've got another one which is basically a headsculpt and a wepon, but its being re-woked
Best guess, about 40 with vignette bases and another 20 with no base. I don't think I have ever left a figure as it was in the box.
Pretty much everything but a few figs are bashed over here
I have done well over 350 kitbashed figures.
At last count some 400 +, that counts the ones I've sold over the years and have done on commission. The only figs I have at home that haven't been modified are still in the box.
I don't leave anything alone, it's a sickness ya know ;0)
Currently I have about 40 bashed figures, which fall into one of the followng categories:
- woodland squad member
- desert squad member
- pilot
- merc / my version of COBRA
- retro Adventurer bash

I used to have another 20 21CT bashes, but I gifted and / or parted them out years ago ... so I guess I've actually completed over 60 bashes since I re-started back in 94/95. The only thing I have in original manufacturer's condition is the BBI Elite Force modern series from when I thought BBI rules that niche ... and even then I upgraded Snake, Cobra, and Raven to weathered boots.
Think I got ....maybe 5 ~ 6 scratchbuilds. Working on my 7(?) female predator right now. Well...trying to anyway. Also working with the 21C RC humvee bash the same time, hope to get them done in time for WOH.

For me....just me. If you bought directly from store and replace or add somehing.... like...a gun or mag, or camo. That's kitbashed or customized. Scratchbuild start with body, or just part of the body. Well, that just how I see it.

Hey guys. let see your bash or custom or scratchbuilds.
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