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So, I´ve heard that the Kojun Sparrow costs about 1000$ and I´ve been thinking, how far would YOU go to own one of his or similar work.
Not only money, I myself might even consider flying there and picking it up, shaking his hands, no not shaking, I wouldn´t to maybe squeeze them (xD) bow infront of him and kiss his ring.
Now really, how much would you acctually PAY for one 12" figure or headsculpt.
When I saw the Al Pacino from Heat, just the prototype I was really thinking that 300 (spaartaaaa...though an awful movie) dollars without shipping might be my limit. Call me a jew but most people would have to sell their collection to own Kojun´s work (but the Al Pacino looks friggin´AWESOME).
Can not wait until his shop is done....
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