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Hot Toys Weapons Crisis!

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Right guys, this might be the most obscure question in the history of the OSW, but it's a bummer nonetheless.

The spring snapped on the bipod of my M40 w/ AN/PVS-10, and basically I'm screwed unless some local engineering firm can get their head around 1/6.

Should I email Hot Toys? Has anybody experience of dealing with them on a customer service basis?

I'm on the verge of madness here, funny how these things can wind you up!


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Email them - - there's a customer service link. if I remember correctly.
They'll ask for a pic of the broken item, I sent a couple of views. In my case one of the sides of the faceshield on a GIGN helmet was broken. They sent a complete helmet. It takes a bit, but they've come thru for others as well.
No sweat - cheers for that my man.

Yep, when my PCU VBSS came with a messed up M14, they sent a replacement. Took 3 weeks I think. Good customer service for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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